New Media in the Fashion World: Blogging, Twitter and Facebook

April 16, 2009 at 8:04 pm (Uncategorized)

Jane Hirt, the managing editor of the Chicago Tribune and former founding editor of RedEye, recently visited UNL.

She showed this awesome video that put my future career path into perspective.

We are living in an era age of change. The journalism industry, the fashion-journalism industry, creative industries and the job market is changing. So our (everyone smart enough to read this blog) best defense right now is to be marketable and get familiar with technology.

As our president would say, “Yes we can,” adapt to this change. Jump into the industry and compete! Jane Hirt, in talking about the success of RedEye, said, “Competition makes people better.”—So, here’s my advice to you: get your running shoes, or sky high Manolo Blahnik stilettos on and, join in the race of this fast paced, ever-changing job market.

Here are a few ways to start making yourself marketable!!—“You can tell a story in many different ways,” said Hirt.

Blog: Blog often, and publish meaningful, relevant content. Don’t start a blog if you don’t plan on updating it, and don’t start a blog if you are going to clog a search engine with empty chatter. Include links and pictures. Think in terms of interactivity and visuals.

Here are a few good fashion blogs. Check them out!

Twitter: Figure out what Twitter is if you haven’t already. Follow the right people, and get in the know. This social networking Web site is genius for journalists because it provides millions of stories and new topics regarding issues you care about (you chose who/what topics to follow). The information at your fingertips is invaluable; take advantage of it.

As a side note, you can join to simply follow other people or topics, but I challenge you to tweet. Tweet about something with substance and significance.

Here are some good people to follow on Twitter for fashion related topics and links:

Facebook: Create a profile on Facebook. Be careful though, as with all online content, once you put it on the Web it’s out there for good. Keep your profiles clean and classy if you’re using it to market yourself professionally. If you’re not up for networking on the site, consider creating your own website. This is a great way to show off an e-portfolio filled with all your glorious work.

Feel free to find me, Brittney Schuessler, on Facebook!

My only other advice is to not be afraid of technology. Embrace it, and learn all you can, while you can. Learn about videography and find access to editing software. Check out your school’s computer store and find great deals on Adobe Creative Suite products.

And lastly, network, network, network.

This is what I’ve learned. Go out there and learn something for yourself. Knowledge is power.


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