April 20, 2011 at 7:42 pm (Uncategorized)

So It’s been forever since I’ve blogged, but amazing things are happening- I’m a half of a country away from most of my loved ones and this is the best way I can share my life with you.

Since interning at ELLE and working at the global PR firm, I learned a few things- I wanted to travel, live on the east coast, and plan events. Me, being me, made it happen.

I moved to DC for me, for love, for thrills, for a new chapter, for a powerful city, and for my career.

As you know, I started doing events for the Department of Defense. It was good for a first gig, made a lot of connections with powerful people, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I knew I wanted more. I’m now planning meetings/conferences and events for the Taxation Section of the American Bar Association– a total dream.

After two weeks there, I went to New Orleans for a week- the conference was a success, and I ate all the oysters, alligator and beignets I could. The conference was at the Ritz Carlton. My first day, after pre-con with the hotel staff- I walked into my room where I discovered a chocolate sculpture and lovely note welcoming me.

Even though I was working long, hard days, we always ended them exploring- Bourbon Street, hurricanes (a drink), Pat O’Briens, the Columns and more..

We left no stone unturned and I left NOLA exhausted. Having the hotel staff bring me slippers and sugar free redbulls helped me make it through the week too : ) Being in NOLA was also amazing because it gave me a chance to meet up with an old roommate from NYC who lives there. Of course, she showed me a good time.

I came home to my man, flowers and a clean apartment. Then I had two weeks of work back in DC to get ready for our next conference- which happened to be in PARIS.

So I’ll get right to it. The morning before I left for Paris I got a bbm (Blackberry message) from my boss- “Can’t wait to see you! Paris is waiting and we’ve saved the fun for you!”- I broke down. God has blessed me in so so so many ways. I have so much to thank him for, and I don’t even know where to begin…I pray that one day I can bring God as much happiness and satisfaction in my life as he has so graciaously given me.

…after some tears and a long prayer, I continued packing- a multiple hour long ordeal for me, as you can imagine how many shoes and cute dresses I wanted to bring. That morning, my boyfriend’s dad, a pilot for United asked me what seat I’d be in on my flight. He wanted to ensure I was taken care of. I began to board and a flight attendant approached me, said he would be taking care of me and bumped me up to first class.
I had a day of work ahead when I got to Paris, so I tried to calm my excitement and get some sleep. I woke up to a delicately wrapped bottle of wine and a note to call the United staff if I needed anything in Paris… things only got better from there.

The conferences we plan are top of the line, first-class-all-the-way. We make sure our attendees are happy and we enjoy the rest. So naturally, the hotel I was put up in was the best hotel in Paris—LUXURIOUS, to say the least.

A colleague and I had breakfast; I had my first decadent French croissant and went up to my room- with a walk-in closet, huge marble bathroom and my own terrace.

I had meetings sporadically throughout the week, but the conference was only two days- so we had time to enjoy the city- and WE DID!

My colleagues are amazing, fun, hilarious, caring and wonderful to be around. We spent time exploring taking pictures and dining in the finest of restaurants, drinking more Moet (champagne) than water. I had frog legs, veal, duck, foie gras, goat, lamb, steaks served with bone marrow….and more!

Vegetarians don’t know what they’re missing and the food network can be so educational. Thank goodness we walked everywhere we could and I power-shopped for exercise- or each three course meal would’ve added up.

The conference was another success, Paris was nothing short of a dream and I left with the most gratitude in the world for my hard-working boss and the American Bar Association. I also left with a new designer bag- which you all should expect of me by now. I was sad to leave the pleasant people, the French designer fabulosity, the food and the hotel, but there’s nothing like a couple mimosas and great company in the airport to ease the pain of leaving Paris.

I slept most of the 7 hour plane ride home and woke to my boss- thanking me for my hard work, letting me know how happy she was I could come to Paris, and gifting me with jewelry from her favorite French designer- incredible, I know.

Now I have a month in DC (but plan to visit NYC sometime again in that time frame), one major conference at the Grand Hyatt, and then I’m off to MIAMI for a week in June…. So stay tuned.

Thank you all for always supporting me, letting me dream, allowing me to live, and for simply being family. I love you!

Keeping my eyes on the stars and feet on the ground,


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